Harming Relationships When I Was Trying to Help: My Discovery of Empathy

There used to be a common trend in my dating relationships. Unexpected disconnection during conversations.

One moment my sweetheart and I would be chatting about our days, and the next there were short answers to questions, awkward silences, and a disinterest in talking about anything at all.

It would happen if […]

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How I’m Learning to Overcome Procrastination

Come back tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll have written about it by then.

Ha….. ha…

Bad jokes aside, procrastination is a nasty little bugger.

The thing about procrastination is it seeps into all areas of life. The thing about procrastination is it can feel overwhelming.

The thing about procrastination is one minute […]

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9 Habits of People Who Stay in Shape

It’s no surprise to hear about the growing epidemic of obesity in America today. We must face it. Round is the new black.

It is getting ever more common to see unhealthy people on the streets, around the workplace, and on our television sets.

But round leads to diabetes, heart disease, […]

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